Current classes

Students will learn practical tips and techniques from a long-time gigging musician. They will learn to use their ears to play along with real music; basic theory applied to getting up on stage and performing with confidence. This class is aimed at beginning musicians and requires an electric bass guitar and amplifier. Practice time is encouraged daily with free YouTube videos.

No formal prior training is required. An ability to sing basic songs in key would be highly advantageous. Each child should bring their instrument to class. They will learn by watching and imitating my instruction in a wide variety of exercises and songs. I'll teach them the notes of the scale as well as basic music theory.

Regular daily practice between lessons is critical. I will provide exercises for the children to practice and record to an audio and/or video file for weekly evaluation. I also strongly encourage playing along with popular and rock music, for ease. However, the fundamental musical knowledge can be applied to any genre, including classical. Progress will be evaluated individually by the instructor, both during the class time and by recordings between classes. I will respond to these recordings with video responses of my own.

Pacing will partly depend on the level and progress of the students. Here is a working breakdown of topics.

Week one: Parts of the instrument, playing position, electronic controls, basic rhythm and notes

Week two: Basic strumming and picking techniques, fretting, muting, harmonizing

Week three: Simple note degree music theory, intervals, progressions, improvisation

Week four: Intermediate techniques, sliding, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slap and pop

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